Fees and Key Information

What are the fees for your solutions?

If you enter into a debt solution with our trusted provider there may be fees involved. See below for the level of fees associated to each debt solution.

Will my credit score be affected?

Any debt solution that involves paying less than originally agreed will have an impact on your credit rating in the medium to long term.

What if I change my mind?

If you choose to enter a solution with our chosen FCA regulated debt partner, you have the right to cancel the agreement at any point within the first 14 days. If you do, you will receive a refund of any fees you may already have paid during that time.

Debt Management Plan fees

A management fee will be charged of 18.5% of your regular payment to the Debt Management Plan (DMP) (this could be every four weeks or monthly depending what suits you best and when you receive your regular income), and is subject to a minimum of £38.50 and a maximum of £90. This fee covers the month-to-month running of your DMP, including negotiating with your lenders, distributing payments and taking care of correspondence between you and your lenders.

This fee also covers regular reviews of your circumstances - normally once every 12 months (or any other time your circumstances change). If your situation has changed and your ability to keep up with your debt management plan is affected, your lender will be contacted about changing your payments accordingly.

For example if you owe £7,239 to your unsecured lenders and can afford
regular monthly payments of £286 to the DMP:

The monthly fee is £54
The minimum estimated repayment term is this assumes that regular payments are maintained without default, and that the lenders agree to freeze interest and charges. This is not guaranteed and, if they don't, it will take longer to clear the balance in full. 85 months
The total fees payable over the full term of the DMP are £3,969
The total amount to be repaid including the original debts £11,208

Individual Voluntary Arrangement fees

You will only be charge a fee if your Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is proposed and accepted by your lenders. All fees are paid out of – not in addition to - your regular affordable monthly payments.

Once your IVA has been accepted, the fees you pay will be:

A nominee's fee

This fee covers the debt solution providers professional costs and charges for arranging your IVA including:

It will typically be between £1,000 and £2,700 and is often capped to an amount equal to your first 4-6 months' IVA payments. The Nominee's fee will be paid first before any payments are made to your lenders.

Supervisor's fees

The Supervisor's fees cover the ongoing work involved in running your IVA and is calculated as a percentage of “realisations”: typically it is charged at 15–18% of any money received by the Supervisor and distributed to your lenders, such as your monthly contributions, any assets (e.g. the equity in your property, successful PPI mis-selling claims) and windfalls (e.g. an inheritance) that you receive during the term of your IVA.


The debt solution provider are also entitled to claim back the cost of certain expenses (such as postage, insurance, etc) incurred directly in connection with the running of your IVA.
The amount of the fees will be clearly set out your IVA Proposal. They must be approved, and may be changed before it is accepted, by your lenders. In most cases, the total fees and costs will not exceed £3,650.

The average fees paid by our chosen debt provider's clients are currently:

Nominee's fees £1,272
Supervisor's fees £1,310
Supervisor's costs £950


England and Wales

Our chosen debt solution provider does not charge for bankruptcy support services. They can provide advice and support during the period leading up to your Bankruptcy and with the application.

The fee in England and Wales is £550 for administering your Bankruptcy, plus £130 for the adjudicator costs.

Northern Ireland

You will need to apply to the High Court for your Bankruptcy and your local Citizens Advice Bureau can assist you with this process.

There are three fees that you will need to pay when you take your petition to the Court:

Debt Relief Order fees

If you decide to apply for a DRO, you will need to pay a fee an administration fee of £90 to the Insolvency Service when you submit your application.