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UK poverty levels rising since 2004

According to a report released by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation on 3rd December 2009, poverty levels along with unemployment and home repossessions started rising in 2004 well before the current recession began. In fact, these problems were already at an acute level before the economic downturn. Long-term solutions are now required to rapidly ease these poverty levels and reverse the trend in the medium to long-term.

The report produced by the New Policy Institute does contain positive news on the reduction of infant mortality rates, the fear of crime, better basic school results for 11 to 16 year-olds and fewer school exclusions.  It clearly points out that the re-emergence of serious poverty in the UK cannot be solved by reactive short-term solutions as we now have two million children living in low-income working households (a record figure since records began) while the tax credits system that is currently in place tackles the symptoms but does not strike at the root causes of poverty.

Debt Advisory Line, who were recently awarded the title of Debt Management Provider of the Year in 2008 & 2009 are acutely aware of the rise in poverty across the UK. Over the last few years they have seen an increase in the number of individuals seeking advice for the serious personal debt problems. Craig Gedey the Marketing Manager at Debt Advisory Line commented that ” many people today are finding themselves in debt through no fault of their own. The cost of living has increased with rising energy bills and hundreds of jobs are being lost every week up and down the UK as the organisations struggle to survive in the deepest recession in living memory”.

Whatever an individual’s particular circumstances the trained advisors at Debt Advisory Line are able to offer a solution to each persons specific debt problem whether that be a debt management plan, an IVA, a Trust Deed or even bankruptcy. The best way out of poverty is to eliminate debts as quickly as possible and to move on making your financial wellbeing a priority. Anyone experiencing utility bill, credit card, overdraft, or unsecured loan related debt problems should take a look at Debt Advisory Line’s web site at Alternatively, they can call for free advice on 0800 157 7254.

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