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Post-Budget money saving tips for motorists

Following the release of the Budget, it has been revealed that motorists will continue to face the rising costs of fuel, forcing many off the roads. But one of the largest debt management companies in the UK is offering advice to help travelling become less of a burden on the purse strings.

Award-winning Debt Advisory Line has compiled some money saving tips for the nations’ motorists, in response to news that petrol prices will continue to soar. The Chancellor George Osborne has confirmed that there will be no change to the planned fuel duty increases, meaning the price per litre will rise by more than 3p this August. This means that petrol will cost well over £1.40 per litre and diesel will cost around £1.50 per litre. This price hike doesn’t take into account any increases in fuel prices between now and August 1st, meaning the cost of running a car will only continue to increase.

Chairman at Debt Advisory Line, John Goodfellow Line, says: “Petrol and diesel prices are already at record highs and with this only set to rise, motorists will be feeling the pinch at the pumps. This can have a great impact on a family’s monthly budget, but there are many ways to save money when it comes to travelling.”

Debt Advisory Line has compiled some tips and advice for motorists, to help them save money on transport:

• Drive efficiently – the higher your speed, the more fuel is used, so if you ease off the accelerator, your fuel consumption will reduce. Also avoid over-braking – let the car slow down naturally, using stored momentum.

• Plan ahead – can you do two journeys in one? You can cut your mileage through combining trips, which will save having to fill up more regularly.

• Where possible, take public transport or walk. Not only will it save money at the petrol pumps; it will also help keep you fit and healthy.

• Don’t carry more than you need – carrying unnecessary items in your vehicle weighs it down, so lighten your load and reduce your fuel consumption.

• Car share – a great way to put pounds in your pocket. Set up a car share with a colleague who lives nearby or share the school run with a neighbour and halve your fuel costs instantly.

• Keep your tyres inflated – driving around on deflated tires increases fuel consumption.

• Operating the air conditioning on maximum can significantly reduce mpg compared with not using it. If you don’t need it, turn it off!

•  Finally, take advantage of in-store reward cards and loyalty schemes, offering points and discounts when you fill up. You could make a saving per litre on fuel or collect points to spend on groceries – either way, you’re saving money!

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