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Avoid spiraling debt with summer saving tips from Debt Advisory Line

As the UK prepares for the school summer holiday season amidst unpredictable volcanic ash, the Greek financial crisis and Spanish economic problems, holidaymakers are being urged to enjoy a UK staycation, to save hard earned cash and avoid spiraling debt at the end of the summer.

Manchester based leading debt management specialist Debt Advisory Line explains how we can make the most out of the summer holiday period without breaking the bank or stacking up summer debt.

Martin Chapman of Debt Advisory Line, said: “Many people are feeling the pinch due to economic cuts but it’s worth remembering that there are many ways we can all save money this summer. It’s the time of the year to make the most of the great outdoors, whatever the weather. Keep an eye on the pennies now rather than suffering at the end of the season.”

Debt Advisory Line has combined some simple but effective money saving advice to help you make the most out of their summer whether you are planning a staycation, or simply enjoying the warmer months at ‘ourgate’ with no holiday plans.

* Many people are choosing a holiday in the UK – this is a great option for those who wish to save money on flights, avoid airport delays and save cash on the hefty Euro exchange rates.

* Camping holidays are a good way to cut hotel bills and can be great fun for all the family. For those who can’t do without home comforts, caravan holidays are a comfortable compromise.

* If you want to travel abroad, shop around for your holiday. There are some great packages and all inclusive deals available; it just takes a little time to find the best deals around but it is definitely worth the effort.

* Buy your currency when exchange rates are low. Buying at the airport or abroad can be expensive as rates aren’t as competitive as many high street retailers such as M&S.

* Shop around for cost effective airport parking offers or take advantage of your nearest airport bus shuttle service. Using shuttles saves you money and hassle going to and from the airport.

* Buy suntan lotions when they are on offer – even if you plan to take a ‘staycation’ here in the UK. Many high street retailers run three for two offers or buy one get one free on sun protection creams. Last minute purchases at the airport or local shop when you get to your destination can be a lot more expensive.

* Make the most of your friends and family who live in different parts of the UK or abroad. If you can stay with them, even some of the time you will save on costly hotel bills and also gain from their regional knowledge!

* Set yourself a daily holiday spending allowance and stick to it (this should include all your food & drink consumption for the day). Don’t go over this level or you will stack up problems for your return, including a hefty credit card bill further down the line.